Friday, March 27, 2015

Updates- March 28 2015


I've updated the blog with some listening practice for EFS2, Please let me know if there are problems with the links.

Thanks and happy listening


EFS 2 Listening- Extend the topic. Page 83

Here is the listening for page 83- Extend the Topic

Here are the answers

Opportunity Cost-Listening EFS2

This is the listening for Opportunity Costs pages 81-82 in the course book.

These are the answers.

East meets West Listening for EFS2

This is the listening for East Meets West- page 45 in the EFS2 booklet

These are the answers

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Good site for writing from Flinder's university

Some notes on the EFS2 assignment

Basically the report should consist of

1. An introduction

2. A discussion of the method

3. A discussion of the results you found from the survey

4. A conclusion

The total report is 500 words. Most of the report will be a discussion of the results and graphs which you made from the results.

So a suggested word count might be

1. Introduction- 75 - 100 words
2 Method - 75-100 words
3 Results- 100-250 words
4. Conclusion- 75-100 words

1. The introduction

The post below is an example of an introduction for the report on your survey.

Sentence 1- a general statement about the topic

Sentences 2 and 3- background information about the topic

Sentence 4- The purpose or aim of the survey (basically the title)

Sentence 5- talks about your survey and includes some of the questions you asked.

Sentence 6- is about the structure of the report.

This is an example, you don't have to follow it exactly, but it may help in writing your introduction.

EFS2- Model introduction for the assignment

(1)Bread is part of the staple diet of most Australians.(2) In spite of this, there are many bakeries and supermarkets selling low quality, unhealthy bread. (3)There seems to be a need       for a new, good quality bakery. (4) The purpose of this report is to provide information for a new bakery to ensure its success. (5)This information includes what people want in a local bakery, how much they are willing to spend, why they will use a bakery instead of a supermarket and the type of bread they prefer. (6) The report includes a description of the survey method, a discussion of the results and finally some conclusions about the type of bakery that would be successful.

      (1)   = general statement

(2)    and (3) = background information

     (4)   = purpose of the text

(5) and (6) = overview