Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Some notes on the EFS2 assignment

Basically the report should consist of

1. An introduction

2. A discussion of the method

3. A discussion of the results you found from the survey

4. A conclusion

The total report is 500 words. Most of the report will be a discussion of the results and graphs which you made from the results.

So a suggested word count might be

1. Introduction- 75 - 100 words
2 Method - 75-100 words
3 Results- 100-250 words
4. Conclusion- 75-100 words

1. The introduction

The post below is an example of an introduction for the report on your survey.

Sentence 1- a general statement about the topic

Sentences 2 and 3- background information about the topic

Sentence 4- The purpose or aim of the survey (basically the title)

Sentence 5- talks about your survey and includes some of the questions you asked.

Sentence 6- is about the structure of the report.

This is an example, you don't have to follow it exactly, but it may help in writing your introduction.

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