Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More Listening Practice EFS 1

Here is some more listening practice. This is an old listening activity, so if the links don't work, please let me know...

Here are the questions and answers

Here is the listening.

First Day of School Listening- EFS 1

Here is the listening for First Day of School from pages 56-58 in the book.

Here are the answers.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

How to use the word 'As'

There are three common ways to use the word 'as'

1. Conjunction- To join two clauses

 a. To join two clauses when two things are happening at the same time.
for example
I was singing as I was waiting for the train.
b . To state the reason for an action ( it can be used like 'because or since')
I was late as I slept in.

2. Comparative adverb
for example
 He was as hairy as a dog.
(He was like a dog he was so hairy.)

3. Preposition
To show the function of something or someone
He used the pen as a knife

(He used the pen like a knife)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

EFS 1 Famous people Listening

This is the listening for  Famous People, pages 40-41 of the booklet.

EFS 1 Essay example

This is a copy of the example essay that I showed in class today.

Some things to note.

1. There are several paragraphs
2. The language is formal
3. Past tense verbs are used throughout the essay, except for the first and last paragraphs. Johnny Depp is still alive, so the first and last paragraphs are in present tense. If the essay was about somebody who is no longer alive, the first and last paragraphs would be in past tense.
4. You can see how the notes I have made are used to make sentences.

Here is a link to the document