Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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  Introduction to the report for EFS4


-Background to the topic.
- This report will discuss/investigate/compare/……

1. Introduction ( Purpose of the report)

The cuisine of France and Australia is very different. French food has been described as the most delicious food in the world by Food magazine. In contrast Australian food does not have a long history. It is a product of Anglo and Asian influences.  This report will discuss the differences between Australian and French food in respect of history, culture and ingredients.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cause and effect essay example.

What are the causes and effects of binge drinking on teenagers?
Binge drinking is very popular with teenagers. It has many causes and effects. Some causes are social pressure and broken relationships. Some effects are hangovers, liver cancer and violence. This essay will discuss the causes and effects of binge drinking.

There are many reasons for binge drinking for teenagers. Some teenagers may have difficulty with relationships and this causes them to drink alcohol without thinking of the consequences. In addition, some teenagers binge drink because of social pressure. Their friends encourage them to drink because they think it is fashionable.

Furthermore, there are many effects of binge drinking. There are some long term and short term consequences of binge drinking. Short term consequences include hangovers, loss of property, loss of consciousness or possible violence. Some long term consequences include, liver cancer, death, or permanent injury.

In conclusion many teenagers binge drink. However, there should be education campaigns which concentrate on informing them of the dangers rather than prohibition. This approach will probably help reduce binge drinking.