Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Listening practice

This is a British Council website for listening practice.

Monday Listening

Here is the listening file for pages 118-119 Remembering teachers

Here is the file for page 121

and page 122

Monday, July 13, 2015

Notes- EFS 3. EFS 1

Firstly, sorry to the EFS 1 students. I forgot to take the book home with me on the weekend and haven't had time to post the answers for you. I will try and do this tomorrow afternoon.

Secondly, EFS 3 Students. I have posted the answers to today's work and the listening and answers below. If you have problems with the files, please let me know and I will try and fix them


Listening page 94 EFS 3 Nature interview

Here is the listening for page 94 in the book

Here are the answers

I'm sorry I don't have a transcript to post.


Here are the answers to pages 92-93 in the booklet.

Friday, July 3, 2015

EFS1- Answers to pages 46-50

Hello, welcome to EFS 1. If you have questions, you can email me...


 We use past simple to talk about actions that happened and have now finished
We use used to/would to talk about repeated events and actions in the past
We use used to to talk about repeated states in the past. You can't use would for this.

If you always use 'used to' to describe repeated things in the past, you can usually get the grammar right.

used to + basic form of the verb
Would + basic form of the verb

Look out for how the word 'but' is used to link sentences in some of these examples..

past simple and used to- Answers for page 46

1. She didn't use to smoke
2. She used to live in Chicago
3. She didn't use to have money
4. She didn't use to eat meat

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey was born on March 27 1970 near Long Island New York. When she was three years old , her parents got divorced and she was brought up by her mother, an opera singer. I was also around this time that Mariah discovered her love of music.
Mariah claims that she wasn't a very good student at school. At night she used to/would sing for her brother's band and used to/would miss school the next day. She made her first recording in a studio her friend worked for, but they could only record at night.
Just days after she finished school, Mariah moved to New York City where she got several casual jobs. Before long she started singing with pop star Brenda K Starr. It was at a party with Starr in the late eighties that Mariah met with record company executives and gave one of them a tape of her songs. The rest is music history!

Used to and Would.- Page 47
1. A retired businessman
2. A former marathon champion
3. a former night worker
4. a dieter
We used to live in a small flat but last year we bought a house.
He used to/would spend a lot of money on the cinema, but now he only buys computer games.
Peter and John used to be best friends but then they fell in love with the same girl.
My primary school teachers didn't use to/wouldn't  give us any homework but they used to/would teach us a lot in class.
Mr Smith used to /would watch TV all day before he lost his sight.
I  didn't used to like seafood but now I just love it.
Harrison Ford used to accept the most peculiar jobs before he became an actor.

Page 49 Answers. Past Simple Passive
b. were bought.
c. was launched
d. were given
e. was filled
f. was held
g. were seen
h .was known
i. were worn
j. was murdered
k. was attended
l . was comforted.

My Ambition- answers
3 be
4. -
5. -
6. of
7. -
8. to
9. more
10. that
11. a
12. -

Page 50.
1. used to / would play
2. used to/ would  tell
3.used to / would sing
4. used to/ would play
5. used to love
6. used to /would help
7. asked
8. used to/would

William- actor, Justin- singer, Tessa- teacher , Lizzie -scientist