Tuesday, January 7, 2014

EFS1 Assignment

The EFS 1 Assignment is an essay between 400-500 words which is due in Week 4.
The topic is a famous person.

A suggested structure for the essay is below and is based on the Ghengis Khan example on pages 19-20 in the course book.

Paragraph 1
Introduction to the person with general information about why they were/are famous.
Paragraph 2
When and where the person was born with some information about their family
Paragraph 3
Some information about their childhood
Paragraph 4
Some more information about their life, for example who they married and if they have children
Paragraph 5
Information about their professional life, their career and their achievements
Paragraph 6
If the person is dead, how and when they died.
Paragraph 7
A conclusion about why the person is famous and why they are remembered.

Here is the complete Ghengis Khan document from today.

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