Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More notes on the assignment- EFS 1- Bibliography.

Your assignment should have at least 3 pages.

page 1- title page
page 2- essay
page 3- bibliography.

The purpose of the bibliography is to tell the reader where you found the information you use in your essay. The reader then can look up the information themselves if they wish to continue your work or check your facts. This is the way research works, people use references and bibliographies to continue research and build information.

How to write a bibliography.

For websites;

Authors Name, (last name first) Name of website, Date, (use n.d if there is no date), name of webpage, viewed (put the date you looked at the site), webpage or website address.

For example; I looked at HAT-archive to find information about Houdini.

Richards, Leann, HAT-History of Australian Theatre, n.d, Houdini, viewed 21/01/14, http://www.hat-archive.com/HoudiniAustralia.htm

If you read my essay you can now find the website where I found the information about Houdini.

Another example- for the wikipedia entry on Barack Obama.

Various authors, Wikipedia, n.d Barack Obama, viewed 21/01/14, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama

If you've used a book the format is a little different.

Authors name (last name first), date of publication, Name of book, publisher, city.

For example, my book about Houdini.

Richards, Leann. 2006, Houdini's tour of Australia, Ginninderra Press, Charnwood ACT.

That's some basic information about bibliographies. Different teachers and schools will have different ways of writing them, but if you use information from other sources for an assignment you will always have to write a bibliography.

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